Finding Joy in the Simple Pleasures…

Don’t ever let yourself become so weighted with the hectic schedule of daily life that you forget to stop and smell the roses. This can prove quite a challenge, especially in the wake of the tasks that we must complete from day to day. This is something with which I am all too familiar. Between my work of freelance writing, writing to build my career further, social media management, and assistant editing with the added weight of ensuring housekeeping of our apartment is well managed, I too can get caught up in the endless list of things to do called life.

Here, I offer you all a few things of which to take notice – even if only for a few fleeting moments – to increase your day to day pleasure.



When you hear the distant rumble of thunder or see the telltale flash of lightening, learn to snap out of the daily grind and breathe for a few moments. Note the time of day. Is dawn, afternoon, dusk, or night? Is the air heavy with the scent of rain? Do winds blow with the threat of violence in the sky? Answer these questions to yourself. Take in the aroma and picturesque natural beauty over which you have no control. Find comfort in it. Open your windows to truly become engulfed in these sensory details. The patter of rain and growl of mighty thunder will fill your home with nature’s mightiest orchestra. The storm’s relentless breeze brings in fresh air and the scent of the rain. Allow your soul to be soothed by this.

Sunny Days

If your daily duties allow, take some time to complete them outside in the sunlight. As you work, allow the details of your surroundings to become imprinted within your mind. The laughter of children as they play. The dapples of sunlight that filter through the trees like gold foil on the ground. The vibrant, emerald greens of grass and leaves. The shimmering of nearby bodies of water like a sparkling dress. Sunlight is inherently good for the human body and soul. It steadies our circadian rhythm, so that we can sleep at night and awaken energized with the dawn. It aids the release of oxytocin, putting us in good humor regularly. It regulates the way our bodies perceive time.

Take Some Time to Enjoy the Night


Nighttime is one of my favorite parts of the day. Watching the sun set behind the horizon as the sky displays a beautiful watercolor painting inspired by the clouds. Then, notice how the sky turns into a deep, royal purple dotted with rhinestones that sparkle in the sky. Take in the wonderment of whatever and whoever else my be out there, doing the same. Allow a sense of wanderlust to overtake your mind as you attempt to absorb the infinite realm of the universe. Then, bring it back home to earth with the rich, shadowy colors and twinkling lightening bugs that surround you. Sip on a glass of white wine as you contemplate these things after dinner with your loved ones.

Stop and Smell the Roses… Literally!

Again, train your mind to take notice of the flowers that you cross paths with daily. Take photos of them to preserve their beauty forever. Smell the sweet scent that wafts from their centers. Feel the softness of the petals. Enjoy the burst of color that they add to our world.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

It’s much easier to enjoy your day to the fullest if you wake up just a little earlier – maybe about forty-five minutes or so – and brew a cup of your favorite coffee with the fixings just the way you like it. Inhale it deeply to allow the aroma to awaken your senses before tasting. Feel that thick, steam rise into your nostrils. I find that sitting outside on the porch to watch the early morning bustle of the day while sipping is always worth my while. I can watch people go about their early morning business while enjoying those thin, pale rays of the dawn sunlight. I always warm up to the day this way before diving into my usual work flow.

These are some easy tips to make your day a little better. The best part about them? They are low cost, widely available, perfectly natural and healthy ways to improve your mental health and productivity. Life is far too short to live stressed. Making the best of these simple pleasures is a quick and easy way to find contentment with your life, no matter the situation. May each day bring peace to you all!

  • Athena O’Ryan

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