Date Night Ideas for the Introvert

Introverts can all agree. A lovely date that helps you and your significant other connect while steering clear of unnecessary social contact proves challenging to concoct – to say the least. Your average dinner/movie combo offers nothing more than a tired, outdated stereotype of making small talk in in a restaurant where you must watch your manners followed by a darkened theater where you must keep talking to a minimum. What’s a couple to do when trying to keep the spark alive in an intimate, unique fashion?

Of course, the option of making the setting your own home is always an option as well. But where’s the adventure in this? Especially for the seasoned couple that lives together, your own dwelling is also nothing more than a tired token of your average daily life.

Sprucing up your dating life doesn’t have to be such a challenge to overcome – even for us introverts. These are a few tried and true methods my husband and I use. And after three years of dating plus nearly six years of marriage, I can say these work as a fair trade offs from the run-of-the-mill dates.

Go Outdoors

Not necessarily hiking or other strenuous activity, either – unless that is your prerogative. However, for the couple looking for something truly romantic and different, a burst of fresh air can provide make for a lovely evening of fun and a change of pace.

My husband and I frequent a lovely trail hear our home for such events. A small packet of candles, incense, a couple of our favorite beers or ciders, and equally appetizing food items of our choice are the only things we take with us. We proceed to have a lovely evening stroll before it gets dark outside, visiting our favorite scenic places on route before selecting one closer to the apartment to settle in – typically on the flat-rocked bank of the creek.

We then light the candles and incense to set a luxurious ambiance, and enjoying the fare we’ve toted with us. Indulging in more expensive food may also provide a more romantic aura to the evening. Perhaps some take-out sushi with white wine. Tea sandwiches for those who want to enjoy something lighter. The flowing water of the creek makes for a peaceful soundtrack, accompanied by a chorus of frogs and the glimmer of fireflies.

A Sexy Photoshoot


If you find yourself limited to the privacy of your apartment whether due to inclement weather or otherwise, turn that privacy into a plus. Take turns using a camera to take suggestive photos of each other. This enhances intimacy while boosting body confidence. Think of it as an impromptu boudoir shoot. Use the opportunity to break out those sexy undergarments you never get a chance to wear. Put on a little makeup and dress up, even though you aren’t going out for the night.

Add a bottle of wine to the occasion and you have a stylish, sexy evening for just the two of you. It sets the mood perfectly on a rainy night, doubling as prolonged foreplay. You may also add to the affair an event of selecting the photos you both like and getting them developed into a private booklet. It’s the perfect excuse to purchase an expensive bottle of wine, turn up that sexy music you both like, and get a little dressed up without hitting the town.

Turn Bath Time into Movie Time


We all know the staples of at-home dating. Watching a film together on the couch. Or the stereotypical act of taking a bath together. Why not put them both to work at the same time? Set up a laptop or other screen of some sort where you can view it in the bathroom. Pick out a movie you both like. My suggestion is to maybe pick out something sexy and suggestive – as usual. It will get you both in the mood. Nudity and explicit scenes welcome and encouraged.

Order your favorite food. Chinese takeout, sushi (as usual), or perhaps an ethnic food you haven’t tried yet. Grab your wine, cider, or mix your favorite cocktails together. Of course, lighting a few candles and sticks of incense are a must for a romantic evening of any sort.

Get naked. Turn on the film of your choice. Soak together. Let your desires decide the rest.


Nothing quite like a change of pace from the ordinary. Sometimes all it takes is a hotel room all to yourselves in the next town over. And when you don’t have the time or finances to have a vacation altogether, going away for the weekend in the city that’s just an hour away can give you that extra push you need to feel as though you’re on a luxurious retreat with your significant other.

Plan it out. Go to a restaurant in that city that neither of you have tried. Follow up by going to a bar for an hour or so. Then, head back to the room to wind down and relax for the night. Play some sexy music. Give each other massages. Turn the hotel room into your own, personal spa. May you get no sleep in the best way possible.

Plan a Play Date

Let out your innocent, inner child together. There’s nothing more romantic than making each other laugh and getting drunk on the simplicity of life. Go to a park. Swing on the swings together. Make wishes on dandelions. Play tag or hide and seek. Unleash that sweet, soulful self that so often lacks nurturing. Laughter releases oxytocin in the brain – the chemical that helps bring pleasure and closeness with others.

Renew Your Vows


Whether married or not, you can always renew vows and promises of love and commitment to each other. Have an intimate gathering of a few of your closest friends and set a date. Have one of those friends act as the officiating priest. It can be a simple, quiet affair to rekindle that sweetness and closeness that brought you together in the first place.

You don’t have to trade rings for this one. Perhaps a special flower that represents something important to you as a couple? Or stones like geodes or quartz you purchase together? Any small trinket that symbolizes your uniqueness as a couple.

This can also be another excuse to doll yourself up, if you’re like me and enjoy the process of beautifying yourself. Set up a lovely scene on your porch with a few candles and maybe some strings lights. Include the fare of your choice. Have said friends dress up as well and attend. Maybe you could even recreate your honeymoon by using one of the previously mentioned suggestions.

Integrating your inner introvert into your romantic life doesn’t have to prove difficult. It just requires a little creativity and dedication to your partner. What other suggestions do you have to generate elegant, romantic evenings as an introvert? Please share. I am always up for new ideas!


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