New Tech Toys and Inspiration


Some of you may recognize my style and some not. Regardless, I find it inconsequential. I took a long hiatus from the lucrative but boring stint of erotica fiction. It lacked in what my mind craved for challenges and new material. With the same ideas each and every time, who could possibly find it within themselves to grow in their skills?

Nevertheless, I have come back, firm in my decision to refresh my image with a new email, social media… and yes… new tech toys. I managed to save up a decent portion of money since my husband and I acquired a nice, cozy little apartment which has bills low enough that we can save even more money. But the privacy is greater. Only a short walk to the trails and creek – which is beautiful this year!

This led to new tech toys. My old laptop was about to turn worthless and there was no salvaging it. I ended up with a sleek, elegant pink notebook – perfect for travel. A new phone is in the works as a partner device. Plus, my employer provided the staff with these love ‘My Passport’ pieces. Mine is white – very mod and stylish.

Anyway, I won’t bore you all with the details. I have manuscripts to edit.


  • Athena O’Ryan

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